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2021 CCA Membership Application

Membership Application and Dues

  1. Pay CCD Dues (1st half)
  2. Pay CCD Dues (2nd half)
  3. Read the CCA Affirmation Statement below
  4. Provide the following information (**by completing the form below and submitting your payment, you are agreeing to the CCA Affirmation Statement terms):

Clackamas Collaborative Divorce


As a member of the CCD Practice Group, I am fully committed to carrying out the vision and mission of CCD. I acknowledge I am a member of a profession which places me in a position of confidence and discretion requiring the utmost professionalism to best serve clients, work well with colleagues and represent myself and the practice group to the public. I understand in accepting membership in this practice group, I agree to:

  • Attend meetings regularly, a minimum of 8 per year, be available for telephone conference calls, and prepare for or co-prepare for and present one content meeting per year. If I am unable to attend a meeting, I will inform the Board Chair one week prior to my absence.
  • Set the highest level of professionalism and responsiveness by replying promptly to any communication, managing my calendar so I can attend meetings and events as scheduled, and following through with commitments to clients, fellow practice group members, other professionals and the public.
  • Actively participate in CCD meetings, events and the Oregon-wide Collaborative Law Community. I will be informed, deliberate in debates and take responsibility for making decisions on issues, policies, and other matters effecting the CCD.
  • Stay current on developments in Collaborative Law and relevant alternative dispute resolution fields. Moreover, I will strive to promote and grow Collaborative Law in the local and statewide legal communities. I will do this in the manner best suited to my skills, which could include among other things, authoring articles on the subject, training other professionals or taking leadership roles in other organizations.
  • Respect and communicate with my fellow practice group members. If a disagreement arises between myself and a group member, I will be assertive and have a direct private conversation with him or her. In addition, I will treat my clients and all other professionals with integrity and compassion and exhibit this respect by listening intently to them and by addressing their concerns efficiently.
  • Take pride in my own practice and business. I will be committed to generating Collaborative Law cases and discussing the benefits of Collaborative law with colleagues, business associates, other professionals and potential clients.
  • Excuse myself from discussions and votes where I have a conflict of interest. Maintain the confidentiality of practice group meetings, discussions, and votes and publicly support the group’s decisions, even when I disagree with its decisions.

If I am unable or unwilling to attend meetings or meet the above expectations as a member of the CCD, I will resign so that the CCD may benefit from the full support and committed time and talents of its active members.